The complete history of UkDevilz!

Why? I discovered HTML back in 2001 when I was 13 years old. The internet to the general public was still fairy new back then and a lot of my friends had their own websites. Since there was no Facebook / social media it was websites and personal homepages that brought everyone together. There was a free hosting service called and started my first website on there. It was called Games4Teens where I reviewed PC games. As time passed I learned HTML and CSS and created various websites offering downloads, graphics and of course HTML Help!

In the summer of 2006 I took a break from making websites and brainstormed what website I'd make for the future. I compared previous websites that I made and what was popular and also took into consideration what didn't work. I wanted to make a website which offered help to people that are new to HTML and also wanted to add other things to the website where it was unique and would stand out in peoples minds so that they'd return.

When? In 2007 UkDevilz was born on on Back then UkDevilz was a small website only offering HTML Help. There was a large community of webmasters / bloggers on Freewebs and a lot of them didn't use the 'HTML' mode as Freewebs had their own 'site builder' which of course made making websites easier.

I wanted to persuade people to switch to the 'HTML mode' and make their own unique websites by coding their own layouts, as people became too reliant on having layouts and sub pages created for them by the web provider which in my opinion made websites look the same and plain.

The HTML Help page was easy for anyone to learn HTML. This was my niche and started attracting a lot of attention. After time I was successful and have helped thousands of people across the globe learn HTML.

The Name I wanted a short and catchy name for a website so that people could remember it and as I like Halloween and from the UK the name was a no brainier!

The slogan I wanted a site slogan as catchy as the site name. Through time I added all sorts of things to the website to offer something different than just graphics and HTML Help so hence... It's more than 'just' a website!

.com was first registered and purchased in 2014 however the website never launched due to work and family commitments but the Freewebs website was still up and running but was never updated. The domain name was re-purchased in July 2016 and the website relaunched on 12th August 2016.