About UkDevilz

UkDevilz was born in 2007 and became famous on Freewebs.com with a unique dark / Halloween theme offering HTML Help and resources which has helped thousands of webmasters across the globe. UkDevilz has had a complete overhaul which offers so much more from Halloween page to a death counter!

UkDevilz.com was first registered and purchased in 2014 however the website never launched due to work and family commitments but the Freewebs website was still up and running but was never updated. The domain name was re-purchased in July 2016 and the website relaunched on 12th August 2016.

I hope you all enjoy your experience visiting my website, feel free to comment in the guestbook or contact me!

The Owner

Name: Mike
Date of Birth: 27th December 2016 (29 years old)
Location: England
Status: In Relationship with three children

Background: I discovered HTML/CSS back in 2001 when I was 13 years old and my passion for web design has been growing since. To me, it’s a fantastic learning journey and use UkDevilz to experiment with my passion for web design!

Interests: Apart from making websites and learning how to code I am a proud father to a beautiful daughter and step father to two boys which they absolutely adore their new little sister! Family is very important to me and we regularly do things together. I enjoy PC gaming especially retro games and RTS strategy games. Music is also my passion and as I've grown older i appreciate all genres as they all have a meaning / relation to something.

A little known fact about me... I DJ! I used to DJ as teenager and mixed UK Garage, Drum 'n' Bass and Rap/Hip Hop at parties and night clubs and still have my Numark belt drive decks stored in the loft! I also like to play football when I get spare time to try and keep myself in shape however I am no good at it... England team ring any bells?

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